New Beginnings at Mountain View Community Church

Connecting the Community and the Church   

Ministerial Staff

H. L. Thomas, Jr.

Senior Pastor

H. L. Thomas, III

Assistant Pastor

Eddie J. Smith

Youth Minister

Tommy Alsbrooks, Jr.

Assistant Youth Minister

Bishop McBride

Associate Minister

Greg Hamilton

Associate Minister

Kina Smith

Associate Minister

Vickie Iwegbu

Associate Minister

Johnny Clark

Associate Minister

Executive Board

Jasen Campbell

Frazier Foreman

Donna Hobson

Daniel Hudson

Eddie Smith

Homer L. Thomas, Jr.

Homer L. Thomas, III

Board of Deacons

Frazier Foreman, Chairman

Tommy Alsbrooks

Jasen Campbell

Daniel Hudson

Clyde Murchison, Sr.

Administrative Staff

Jasen Campbell, Chief Financial Officer

Tommy Alsbrooks, Financial Secretary

Eddie Smith, Treasurer

Maranda Martin, Secretary