Our Church History

In 1991, the Lord led Homer L. Thomas, Jr., his wife Mary P. Thomas, his family, along with two other families, to begin a church in teh community in which they lived for fourteen years. After fourteen years of faithful service to the Rocky Spring Baptist Church, on the fourth Sunday of that August, The first service was held in the home of Homer and Mary Thomas located at 723 Kelso Dr., Dallas, Texas. After meeting in their home for about one month, Pastor Thomas was led by the Holy Spirit to Calvary Baptist Church of Oak Cliff, under the leadership of Pastor David Kirkendall. The mission pastor, Brother Kenny Moore, after hearing the testimony of Pastor Thomas, also believed that God had called him to start a church in the community. After this meeting, Calvary Baptist decided to sponsor the new church as a mission church. Through the sponsorship, the ministry was allowed to use a church building located at 4911 Wisteria in Dallas, TX, in order to grow the ministry. Although there was no charge to use the facility, the church was required to tithe ten percent of its income to the Baptist Convention and two percent to the Dallas Baptist Association.

The Lord truly blessed the church. Many families from the community came and joined, with many still being members today. After two years, Brother Kenny Moore met with Pastor Thomas and informed him that the church at 5916 Marine Way, Dallas, TX had dissolved and the church have the building along with about two acres of land, all located in the community where God called the church to begin.

Around 2002 Pastor Thomas began fasting and praying about giving his resignation as pastor and allowing someone else to pastor the church. But, he heard the voice of God tell him not to resign, but to relocate the church to a new location, south of interestate 20. In the search for land, the Lord guided him to 5601 Mountain Creek Parkway, the current location. After the Lord blessed the church to buy the land for $240,000 from Grace Presbyterian Chruch in 2004, construction began on phase 1 of the new building in October, 2008.  One year later, the vision had come to fruition as the church body was able to move into the new facility in 2009. The Lord added to the church, and many have received Christ as their savior. 

The church is thankful for God's faithfulness. The church has been in its current location since 2009 and by faith is embarking on construction of a full-time day care, food pantry, fellowship hall, administration offices, and after school programs.